Raw Coconut Cream Pie

Recently I have been really inspired to make raw desserts.  Maybe its the change in the weather, but I want dessert all of the time and I want it cold and I don’t want it to make me feel heavy and full.  And the best way that I have found to get all of this yummy goodness is with raw desserts…..and, the best part is they are really good for you.

I was really inspired a few months ago with a raw carrot cake I had at local Pittsburgh restaurant, Eden.  Then I was further inspired by this raw brownie recipe I recently made for a friends birthday.  Let me tell you, they were both divine.  So, I wanted to experiment a little and I came up with this recipe for a raw coconut cream pie.  I served it to a group of friends the other day and it was very well received.

You will need:

For pie,

1 cup raw cashews, soaked at least four hours

1 cup walnuts, soaked at least four hours

1/2 cup shredded coconut

3 Tbs. maple syrup

1 Tbs. lemon juice

1 Tbs. raw cacao powder

For frosting,

1 creamy part of a can of coconut milk, separate the water out by refrigerating for at least two hours

3 Tbs. coconut spread

1 Tbs. powdered sugar, or stevia, or some other sweetener


To make:


Place the soaked nuts, coconut, maple syrup and lemon juice in a food processor.  Puree until smooth.  Sprinkle with cacao powder.



Place in freezer for at least two hours.


In a bowl, add the creamy part of the coconut milk, the coconut spread and the sweetener.  Beat with a hand mixer until super creamy.  Pour over top of the pie that has been frozen.  Put back into the freezer for at least another two hours.



Cut and enjoy.

The Best Hummus, Ever


I know that is a statement that is overused, but trust me, this is the best hummus, ever.  It is so good and light and fluffy because it has sprouted garbanzo beans in it.  Not only do the sprouted beans make it taste ever so amazing, but sprouted beans are extra good for you.

Sprouted beans and grains are incredibly nutritious, especially for those on a raw food diet. Studies show remarkable levels of B Vitamins, as well as Vitamins C, E and A (up to 15 times the original content!). Some folks refer to sprouts as “pre-digested” food due to this breaking down process in the sprouting stage of life. This makes the sprouts far easier to digest than the original seed, bean, nut or grain. The heightened quantity of enzymes is another factor that aids in their digestion.  They are sometimes referred to as “living foods” because, essentially, the sprouting brings them back to life again.
You will need:
1 cup sprouted garbanzo beans(directions below)
2 tsp. salt
3-4 cloves of garlic
1/4 cup tahini
4-6 Tbs. lemon juice
4-6 Tbs. olive oil
To make:
Sprouted garbanzo beans:
Soak 1 cup of dried garbanzo beans in water overnight.
Strain the garbanzo beans in a colander and place on top of a bowl with a plate over top.  Rinse with water 2-3 times a day until the beans grow a tiny little tail, about two days.
Put the sprouted garbanzo beans in a pot with water covering them.  Cook on high until boiling.  Boil for five minutes.  Take off of heat and strain and rinse through a colander.
In a food processor, puree garbanzo beans and all other ingredients, adding a little water as needed.
5Serve with your favorite thing to dip in hummus and eat!  These taste great with my flax seed crackers from a previous post.

Raw Cashew Ginger Snaps

Whenever I am feeling guilty about feeding my son things that might not be the best for him…like, ahem, bribing him to read for an hour with a can of Pringles (yes, that went on in our home last week) I try to make up for it somehow……like making Raw Cashew Ginger Snaps!  They are super simple and super delicious and if you know anyone who is Gluten Free you are surely going to make them want to be your new best friend if you feed them these.  Really.


You will need:

2 cups raw cashews, soaked for at least four hours

1 Tbs. pureed ginger

1/4 cup shaved coconut

3 Tbs. maple syrup

2 Tbs. lemon juice

To make:

Combine all ingredients in a food processor and puree until smooth.  Note:  The batter will be slightly chunky.  Take tablespoon sized portions and place on dehydrator sheets, molding with a fork into desired cookie shapes.


Dehydrate at 125 degrees for 8 to 10 hours.  Flip the cookies over(very carefully!) and place back in the dehydrator for another 8 to 10 hours.


Remove from the dehydrator and feel the magic in your mouth.  Trust me.  They are divine.

“French Fries”….one of the man cub’s favorites

The above vegetables are celery root. Celery root is a very flavorful root vegetable that can be made into a very yummy “french fry”. These fries are so delicious and flavorful you are probably going to end up making them all of the time. And….they are so simple to make that you can make them all of the time. I make a sun dried tomato/roasted garlic/goats milk yogurt sauce to go with them that is just as simple. Or, as the boy likes them, with just plain old ketchup.

You will need:
For celery root fries,
1 or 2 celery roots, peeled and cut into fry sizes
2 Tbs. coconut oil
1/4 cup almond meal
garlic salt to taste

For sauce:
1/4 cup sun-dried tomatoes, soaked at least ten minutes(save some of this water)
1/2 cup goats milk yogurt
2 largish cloves of garlic, roasted
salt and pepper to taste

To make:
Cut the celery root into fry-like pieces like this.
Put the pieces of celery root into a plastic bag along with the coconut oil, almond meal and garlic salt. Give it a good shake so all of the pieces are covered with the oil, meal and salt.
Place the pieces on aluminum foil lined cookie sheets.
Bake at 425 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes, checking periodically and flipping the fries to make sure all sides get cooked.

In a blender, add sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, yogurt and salt and pepper. Puree. Add some of the water from the sun-dried tomatoes as needed.
Remove from cookie sheets. Dip and enjoy.

(Just a side note: You can make these fries with any kind of root veggie. Sometimes I use parsnips or sweet potatoes and they are amazing!)

Tiny Kitchen/Raw Flax Seed Crackers

I was a stay at home mom for over five years and I felt like my life revolved around food. Cooking really healthy and yummy food was probably the biggest part of my everyday.

I’ve been a single mom for almost three years now and one of the hardest things to get used to is cooking for one(me) or one plus one who would rather eat frozen chicken nuggets(which I will admit that I make on occasion). Dinner routines are harder to come by as I work through making sure everything is in order, homework is done, bathing, story time…..you get the picture. I think for my first two years as a single mom I probably ate the same salad and sandwich almost daily.

All that has changed! I am trying to eat food that not only is good for me and my son, but food that tastes amazing and makes me want to thank the universe that I am alive!

I signed up for my first CSA and have been making it a priority to enjoy my food. Cooking for one or one plus a picky child is not easy. I would like to share with you some of my recipes that I find to be quick, easy, healthy and that truly taste good and are not going to break your bank book.


Above is my tiny kitchen. It is so small and my stove and oven are ridiculously petite that I am not sure how I would be able to cook large meals anyway.

The first recipe on the menu are my amazing Raw Flax Seed Crackers that I have been making and inspiring awe with for many years now. They are super simple and healthy and they taste just divine. When I make these I use just about any vegetables and fruit that I have on hand. I may throw an apple in, or half of a cucumber or zucchini or some chard….you get the idea.

You will need:
2 cups flax seeds, soaked 1/2hour
1/2 cup sun-dried tomatoes, soaked 1/2 hour(save some of this water)
4 or 5 cloves of garlic
1 small onion or a bunch of scallions
1/2 cup cilantro(or basil or parsley or both….)
1 cup packed kale
1 red or orange pepper
2 Tbs. miso paste
2 Tbs. lime juice
salt and pepper to taste
extra vegetables you have lying around that you want to get rid of
4 or 5 olives(optional)

To make:
Place all items except the flax seeds in a food processor. Puree until smooth, adding the water from the soaked sun-dried tomatoes as needed.


In a large bowl, add the pureed items and the strained flax seeds. Mix well.

Spread about a quarter of an inch thick on non-stick dehydrator sheets. Dehydrate at 125 degrees for five hours then turn the sheets of crackers over and peel the sheets off. Place back in the dehydrator for another 8 to 12 hours, or until the crackers are hard. If you do not have a dehydrator, you may spread the crackers on parchment paper lined cookie sheets and stick them in your oven on the lowest setting, checking periodically to see if they will not fall apart when flipping them.


Break up into cracker sized pieces or, if you want your crackers to look more defined, cut them with a knife into desired sizes right after you flip them and remove the dehydrator sheets.