Facial Steaming

Are you interested in giving yourself an at-home facial that is super easy and really cheap?  Just follow the directions below for a facial steaming.  Everyone can have clear skin…skin that is clean down into your pores…without any kind of special equipment or a ton of money.  With just a few supplies and a tea bag and some water.  It is that simple.

Steaming your face on a regular basis greatly opens the pores, helping the skin rid itself of toxins and impurities.  Herbal steaming cleans your skin naturally, increasing perspiration, deeply cleaning every pore, removing dirt and air-borne impurities.  Steaming can also naturally hydrate and increase the circulation of your skin.

Start by steaming your face once a week.  As your skin gets used to it, you can move up to 2 or 3 times a week, but no more than that, as too much steaming can actually remove natural oils from the skin.  Follow the steam with a mask of honey and watch the compliments on your glowing skin come pouring in.

You will need:

1 large bath towel

1 small pot with a lid

1 or 2 tea bags(herbal, black, green….just make sure there are no unnatural ingredients)

Enough water to cover the tea bags

1 Tbs. honey

To make and do:

Place the tea bag or bags in a pot.  Cover with water and place on a stove top and bring to a boil.  Immediately turn off the heat and cover with a lid.  Carry the pot over to a table with a chair.  Sit in the chair and cover your head, neck and face and the pot with the towel.  Remove the lid, making sure to keep the towel over your head and the pot, letting as little of the outside air in and the steam out as possible.  Stay like this, with your face over the pot for five to ten minutes, letting the steam go straight up and into your face, moving your face from side to side to get all angles and not neglecting the skin of your neck underneath.

After five to ten minutes, remove the towel and splash some cool water on your face.

Take the honey and smear it all over your face and neck.  After you have covered your skin with the honey, take your fingers and gently tap all over until your fingers get stuck.   Leave the honey on your face for five to ten minutes.  Honey is an extremely wonderful humectant and will help make your skin feel soft and vibrant.  Wash off the honey and feel your skin glow.

Are you interested in learning more about Kitchen Cosmetics?  Sign up for my workshop at East End Eden Wellness Center on June 1 from 10am to noon.

Read about my experience making beautiful skin happen here with the lovely Emily Levenson.

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