Shiny Happy Crystal Pouch

bag1 bag3

Last week I made this cute little pouch for my crystals. I am going to tell you how I made it over the course of a very busy weekend.


It all started on Friday night.  I started a little circle with my size 5 crochet needle and began to increase.


We went to the Three Rivers Arts Festival  to see my friends band.  Then the boy met some friends at the fountain.  Ah, summer.  All the while I increased stitches as I went around.


The next day, at the water park, I stopped increasing and just kept going around and around.


By the time we made it to the drive-in, I started decreasing as I went around and around until I had a cute little bowl.




The drive-in was beautiful and old and I asked if we could have a tour of the projector room.  This lovely man talked our ears off and explained how each movie on this huge machine is about 6 miles long.  Note the aluminum foil holding parts of it together.  He also, sadly, told us that this is the last summer for this old behemoth.  They, like most theaters everywhere, are going digital.

The movie was awful, by the way.

So, I began increasing a tiny bit again as I went around and around until I had a nice and wide opening at the top.  I knotted my yarn off then crocheted a long chain to use as a draw string.  I wove this through the stitches where it was narrowest at the opening, added my shiny happy crystals into the pouch, then closed it up with a little bow.


How was your weekend?

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