Honoring What We Need(and feeding the creative spirit)


It has been a long while since I have posted.  A long, long while.

In all honesty, I was going through something.  I went through some health and personal issues that took me outside of myself for a few months and made it hard to want to share myself with the world of the internet.

I graduated from health coaching school and am now officially certified, my massage business is doing great, I love making my home space as beautiful and feminine and clean and open as I can, I still experiment almost everyday with making healthy and tasty food choices, I am still giving myself at home spa days using the recipes from my kitchen cosmetics workshops…….but, I’ve been extremely reclusive.  For months.

Since it all happened and I went inward, I made a decision that I was not going to rush myself.  I was not going to push myself to launch this new addition to my business until I am ready.  Of course I was getting some outside flack for this.  Questions about when I am going to launch the business, when am I going to use the skills I gleaned from the year long program, etc.  I made a decision to just trust that when I am ready to do it, that will be the exactly right time for it to happen.

As a result of listening to myself and trusting my own personal, inward timing, wonderful things started to happen.  My favorite of them being that every part of my being was screaming at me to be creative.  Every bit of free time I had, I was sitting down and painting.  I still am, actually.

What I believe that did for me is it helped me heal and create more openness in other areas of my life.


I just trusted that this is what I need to be doing right now and so that is just what I did…..for a bunch of months now.

And things are falling in to place with my new business.  It has started to happen.  (More details in future posts)  And I didn’t push it.  Nothing has been forced and things are presenting themselves to me that are exactly what I need in order to grow my business into the vision I have had.


My paintings are inspired by Pennsylvania Dutch hex signs.  I am starting to experiment with different images and am going to start a new challenge for myself where I make a new painting every week.

I am also going to start blogging every week again.

Up next on the docket:

-the healing benefits and the history of thieves oil

-weekly meal planning on a budget

-oil pulling

I am excited to be back and doing this again.

What areas of your life could use more attention?  Is there something you can focus your energy on that you think would create more openness in other areas?  Do you need to just sit with yourself and listen to what you need and honor that?  I wish you all the warmest freedom on whatever journey you have found yourself on.

With love and peace,